(Video) Sixteen year old mixed martial artist flatlines opponent via vicious head kick KO

Cho Joon Gun is just 16-years-old. But he already knows what he wants to do – he would like to have a professional career in MMA.

He has a crazy style that has his opponents tumbling to the ground.

On Friday at AFC 22, Gun competed against Tae Hoon Kim in the flyweight main card match. After his first bout ended in a majority draw in September, he was seeking his first professional victory.

Gun is already an MMA professional fighter despite his childhood. Despite having no amateur bouts on his records, he made his professional debut earlier this year. Gun stopped Kim with a vicious head kick knockout in under a minute inside the AFC cage.

Gun’s first MMA victory shows that he could be a talent to keep an eye on in the future. He demonstrates how much the sport has advanced over the course of recent competitions.

Gun is the most recent fighter in a long line of under-20 fighters who are having a big impact on the sport. Raul Rosas Jr. is 18 years old, and he made his UFC debut earlier this month. Rosas Jr. defeated Jay Perrin at UFC 282 to earn a performance bonus.

Rosas Jr. successfully submitted Jay Perrin in the first round of the UFC 282 preliminary match. With his victory, Rosas Jr. became the UFC’s youngest-ever champion. Rosas Jr. said after his victory that he intends to challenge Aljamain Sterling for the 135-pound championship.

Rosas Jr. told Helwani,

“Like, I said, I’m not saying stuff just to say it. Like everything I say is true, and like, people don’t believe in me. But I believe in myself. And I’m just out there and proving it.”

“Like, that’s probably not going to happen [a fight with Aljamain Sterling next], because people don’t know if I could actually really do that [beat him]. I know I can, so I’m just staying active, I’m gonna keep finishing everybody in an impressive way. And show everybody I’m ready to go for that title.”