(Video) Ryan Garcia KO’s Duarte in 8th, calls out Shakur Stevenson

In a highly-anticipated bout, Ryan Garcia marked his return to the ring with a triumphant eighth-round TKO against Oscar Duarte in the Garcia vs. Duarte event. Let’s delve into the highlights and the exhilarating moments that unfolded during this intense clash.

Garcia vs. Duarte Results Highlights: Ryan Garcia Dominates with TKO in Round 8

After eight months since his initial defeat, junior welterweight sensation Ryan Garcia sought redemption following his TKO loss to Gervonta ‘Tank’ Davis. The lead-up to this bout was accompanied by controversy, primarily involving Garcia’s strained relationship with his promoters, Bernard Hopkins and Oscar De La Hoya of Golden Boy Promotions.


Round 1-3: Early Exchanges and Body Shots Define the Battle

The initial rounds witnessed a tactical display by both fighters, with Garcia utilizing his jab and Duarte targeting Garcia’s body. Duarte’s relentless pursuit led to warnings from the referee, adding an element of tension to the match. Despite Duarte’s aggression, Garcia showcased his defensive prowess, responding with well-timed jabs and powerful combinations.

Round 4-6: Warning-Filled Drama and Duarte’s Offensive Surge

As the bout progressed, Duarte’s relentless body shots continued, prompting repeated warnings from the referee. Garcia’s strategic use of jabs and defensive maneuvers showcased his adaptability in the ring. The crowd’s frustration with constant warnings added drama to the already intense matchup.

Round 7-8: Defensive Tactics and Garcia’s Clinical Finish

In the latter rounds, Garcia’s defensive tactics drew criticism from the audience, but his strategic approach seemed to secure him the win. Duarte’s aggression slowed, and Garcia capitalized with lightning-quick right hands. As the eighth round unfolded, Garcia’s precision became evident, ultimately leading to a TKO victory.

Official Result: Ryan Garcia Secures Victory via TKO (Strikes) at 2:51 of Round 8.

Post-Fight Highlights: Garcia’s Flurry Ends Duarte’s Challenge

The post-fight highlights captured Garcia’s walkout with legendary rapper Lupe Fiasco and showcased critical moments, including Garcia’s check left hook that wobbled Duarte. The culmination came with a series of strikes, leading Duarte to take a knee, resulting in the referee calling for the stoppage.