(Video) Rolling Thunder knock out takes everyone by surprise at WGP

WGP kickboxer landed a precise rolling thunder kick took many combat sports fans by surprise. The deadly kick instantly dropped the opponent and made him fully unconscious.

Thunder rolling kick is one of several moves in martial arts that is quite hard to pull off in a professional bout. In fact, due to the tricky nature of the move, it’s often ridiculed and not taken seriously.

The kick has a pretty long buildup and is also very risky if it doesn’t land accurately. The kick also needs a bit of luck to pull off and due to these circumstances, many professional athletes, especially the more experienced competitors, choose not to use it.

However, in several cases, professionals decided to use the rolling thunder kicks, and a few of them managed to land it perfectly. A good example is a Brazilian kickboxer Rodrigo Passos in a kickboxing match a while back.

Rodrigo Passos was competing in a Brazilian-based kickboxer promotion WGP kickboxing. Passos pulled this move the exact moment his opponent did a spinning back fist. Passos dodged the attack and landed the thunder rolling kick at the same time.

The kick knocked Passos’ opponent out cold and left him flat on the canvas. The knockout occurred with about a minute left in the third round.

Several fans on social media praised Passos for the perfect timing. “Holy sh*t the timing on that You’d have to have drilled it as a counter, right?” One fan wrote.

However, not few of them regarded the moment as pure luck. “No lmao, it’s a fluke. You see people throw crazy s*it like this but most of the time they miss. Very occasionally they don’t and you end up with an amazing highlight like this.” Another fan wrote.

The hilarious thing about this knockout is the fact that the referee was as shocked as everyone else who watched the fight. The referee took an oddly long time to call off the fight and was just staring at the unconscious kickboxer.