(Video) Rizin’s Hiroki Suzuki lands flying knee leaving fans speechless

A jaw-dropping moment unfolded at Rizin 43, the latest major event hosted by the renowned Japanese mixed martial arts promotion, Rizin FF. This highly anticipated event took place in Hokkaido on June 23.

Among the intense battles that unfolded that evening, one kickboxing match truly stole the spotlight. The showdown between Hiroki Suzuki and Genji Umeno on the main card left spectators in awe. Suzuki, known for his technical prowess, wasted no time in making his mark.

Right from the opening bell, both unleashed a flurry of strikes, displaying their hunger for victory. Umeno managed to push Suzuki towards the ropes, seemingly gaining an advantage. However, Suzuki remained composed, carefully calculating his next move.

Spotting an opportunity, Umeno made his move, looking to launch a combination of punches. But Suzuki, displaying remarkable anticipation, swiftly launched a lightning-fast flying knee strike. Before Umeno could even react or throw a single punch, the devastating blow connected squarely with his jaw.

The impact was tremendous, instantly rendering Umeno unconscious as he collapsed to the canvas. Suzuki’s victory was sealed in a matter of seconds, a testament to his precision and explosive power.

The flying knee strike is a formidable technique utilized in various combat sports, including MMA. It harnesses the athlete’s body weight, jumping force, and the opponent’s movement to generate substantial force. With its height and reach, the flying knee presents a formidable challenge for opponents, often resulting in damage to the head or body.

With this triumph, Suzuki’s professional kickboxing record now stands at an impressive 15 wins and 2 losses. Notably, his only defeats came against Renta Nishioka and Fariya Aminipour, both via decision. Since making his debut in 2017, Suzuki has enjoyed an exceptional 12-bout long winning streak, solidifying his position as a rising star in the kickboxing world.