(Video) Riley Gains makes fun of podcaster who mixed up Joe Rogan and Dana White

In a recent podcast episode, Sage Steele, a popular podcaster, found herself at the receiving end of good-natured teasing from Riley Gains after she inadvertently mixed up two prominent figures in the world of combat sports: Joe Rogan and Dana White.

The mix-up occurred when Steele referred to her recent appearance on “The Joe Rogan Experience” as being on “Dana White’s podcast.” The mistake did not go unnoticed, and Steele was quick to own up to her error, stating, “I had no idea, especially after going on Dana White’s podcast, excuse me, Joe Rogan’s podcast. Shut up! You did not! I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry. I deserve these. I deserve this.”

Riley Gains, a frequent critic of Steele’s work, was quick to pounce on the mistake, mocking Steele’s mistake on social media. Steele, however, took the jab in stride, acknowledging her error and even finding humor in it.

When asked to comment on the mix-up, Steele explained, “I will agree with you, though. I will. I will say they do look very, very similar.” She went on to laugh at her own mistake, stating, “I cracked up when I saw that. Go. Go. I deserve it. When I did go on Joe Rogan’s podcast. Who’s? Dana White’s. They do.”

Steele’s ability to poke fun at herself and take criticism in stride earned her praise from many in the combat sports community. Meanwhile, Riley Gains’ mocking of Steele’s mistake sparked a lively debate about the similarities between Joe Rogan and Dana White, with many commiserating that the two do indeed share a similar appearance.

The exchange has sparked a lively debate about the importance of attention to detail, particularly in the world of podcasting, where accuracy and research are paramount. As Steele so eloquently put it, “I deserve it,” acknowledging that even the most seasoned podcasters can fall victim to mistakes.