(Video) Referee uses WWE tech on an MMA star for Post-Match Outburst

In the world of MMA, sometimes the unexpected happens, and it can get downright bizarre. A recent MMA match in Romania, hosted by Real Xtreme Fighting (RXF), delivered one of those unforgettable moments that left fans both shocked and amused.

RXF’s event, RXF Next Fighter 8, took place on September 19 in Romania and had a unique twist. Instead of professional athletes, this event featured matchups between public figures and influencers, capitalizing on their popularity to create exciting battles. One such bout pitted TikTok stars Cedy and Dustinel against each other, and it quickly became a must-watch.

Before the match began, Cedy and Dustinel showed sportsmanship by exchanging double high fives and a hug. However, as soon as the referee signaled the start, the atmosphere shifted from friendly to intense.

The two influencers wasted no time and engaged in a furious exchange of blows. After some spirited striking, Dustinel decided to take the action to the ground and attempted a double-leg takedown. This decision, however, would prove to be a grave error.

As soon as Dustinel executed the takedown, Cedy seized the opportunity and swiftly wrapped his arm around Dustinel’s neck, locking in a tight guillotine choke. Dustinel, realizing the dire situation, struggled to escape, but the choke held firm, leaving him with limited movement.

Within moments, Dustinel had no choice but to tap out, signaling his submission and Cedy’s victory in the first round. However, what transpired next took everyone by surprise.

Clearly upset by his loss and unable to accept it, Dustinel turned and attempted to attack Cedy as they were separating. The referee immediately intervened, trying to restrain Dustinel, but the disgruntled fighter persisted in his efforts to go after Cedy.

In a shocking turn of events, the referee resorted to an unconventional tactic. He placed Dustinel in a chokehold and forcefully slammed him onto the canvas. It was a move reminiscent of professional wrestling’s chokeslam, and it finally brought Dustinel’s outburst to an end.

At this point, security personnel entered the cage to restore order. The video of this unusual post-match altercation quickly went viral on social media, with many fans expressing the sentiment that Dustinel got what he deserved for his actions.

This odd incident serves as a reminder that emotions can run high in MMA, not only during the fights but sometimes after the final bell rings as well.