(Video) Ref joins RXF’s 2 vs 1 MMA event

In a recent event hosted by RXF, a surprising moment unfolded as the referee took an unexpected turn in the spotlight during a 2 vs 1 MMA bout. The bout sparked varied reactions among fans and participants alike.

RXF, known for its unconventional matchups and eclectic events, continues to draw attention with its unique offerings. From bouts featuring influencers with significant size differences to showcasing champions like Andrew Tate in past years, the promotion consistently pushes boundaries in the MMA world.

However, the spotlight in the latest event fell on the referee’s unorthodox intervention during a heated post-match situation involving fighter Dustinel. In an unprecedented move, the referee resorted to a technique reminiscent of WWE wrestling, employing a chokehold on Dustinel before executing a forceful slam onto the canvas.

This unexpected maneuver brought Dustinel’s outburst to an abrupt halt, shocking spectators and sparking a flurry of reactions on social media platforms. Many viewers expressed a mix of surprise and approval, asserting that Dustinel’s actions warranted such intervention.

The incident serves as a stark reminder of the intense emotions that can permeate MMA events, not only during the fights themselves but also in the aftermath. Security personnel swiftly intervened to restore order, but the peculiar altercation had already captured the attention of fans worldwide.

As the video of the incident circulated online, speculation arose regarding the fate of the referee. With the promotion slated to make a decision later today, public opinion is expected to play a significant role in determining the referee’s future within RXF.