(Video) Rapper Lil Pump hunches over after taking the bodyshot challenge with Jake Paul

Jake Paul was once solely recognized for his YouTube antics. However, he has now shifted his focus to professional boxing.

It seems like Paul has now been refining his boxing skills with an unconventional training partner: Soundcloud rappers.

In a recent episode of his BS w/ Jake Paul podcast, the internet sensation welcomed Lil Pump. What followed was far from the ordinary. Midway through the podcast, the ‘Gucci Gang’ artist challenged Paul to land a punch to his abdomen, craving a firsthand experience of the sensation. Eager to demonstrate his boxing skills, Paul readily complied. He ended up strapping on his gloves for the impromptu sparring session.

Lil Pump lifted his arms as they climbed into a ring, bracing himself for the worst. Paul didn’t hesitate to deliver a strong left to the body, sending the mumble rapper sprawling to the ground and screaming in agony.

Amidst the commotion, Paul couldn’t help but jest “I told you not to do it!!” as Lil Pump’s cries filled the air.

When Jake Paul steps back into the ring on July 20 to face former unified heavyweight world champion Mike Tyson, he hopes for a similar outcome. The match is expected to take place at Arlington, Texas’ AT&T Stadium. It holds 80,000 spectators and is home to the Dallas Cowboys. For the first time ever, the massive streaming service will broadcast a live combat sports event exclusively to its 260 million global users.

Unsurprisingly, the announcement of Paul’s clash with Tyson has stirred controversy. This was primarily due to the significant age gap between the two competitors. At 27, Paul stands decades younger than the 57-year-old Tyson, sparking questions about the legitimacy of the matchup.

Given the more than 30-year gap between the two, there are still a lot of unanswered doubts about the bout. Although there have been no formal statements, preliminary reports indicated that the two sides intended to get the match recognized as a professional one rather than an exhibition match.

But according to a possible set of regulations circulating on social media, the bout will take place without formal judges and include 16-ounce gloves and two-minute rounds. A KO or TKO would be the sole way to determine the winner.