(Video) Pro Grappler cringes at an extended sequence of a knee getting destroyed

ONE FC just held another one of heir events in Bangkok. While there are many netizens discussing the tragic demise of ONE FC 18 year old competitor, Victoria Lee, not as much attention has gone to an eye watering sequence during one of their grappling matchups.

BJJ ace Mikey Musameci had been matched with Gantumur Bayanduuren. To those outside of BJJ this might not seem like a mismatch – but it is.

Gantumur Bayanduuren is a relatively unknown 2022 Combat Sambo World Champion. While Sambo background is reviled in MMA, it’s not exactly a match for professional grappling.

Musameci destroyed Bayanduuren’s knee and self reported it had popped close to 20 times. Medical experts question if there are any ligaments left in the knee and how damaged the meniscus got in the now infamous sequence.

The sequence is so bad it made a professional grappler from the B team cringe repeatedly watching it.

Musumeci confirmed afterwards he heard roughly 20 pops.

“We did it!! I had a great performance today, but I have been nauseous all day after feeling my opponents leg explode; I don’t wish harm on any of my opponents, and I honestly hate hurting anyone. I want my opponents to be able to train the next day. I wish him a fast recovery πŸ™πŸ» God bless everyone”

Musameci remains ONE FC grappling champion. No word yet on who the promotion will match him with next, but we’re hopeful that it won’t be a one sided limb destruction on the next occasion.