(Video) Pop MMA table climinb stunt goes awry producing hilarious results

Zalimkhan Yusupov is one of the most insane competitors in Pop MMA today. He is known for his antics both in and outside the cage.

Recently, a clip of the Dagestani has surfaced which shows him chatting with a rival on a podcast.

In the midst of the heated conversation, the opponent says something that triggers Yusupov. He quickly gets on the table using a (failed) front flip. Yasupov falls to the ground but quickly gets back up on the table to challenge his rival.

The opponent leaves his seat in shock and even delivers a roundhouse kick to Yusupov’s leg. Yusupov then jumps onto him but thankfully, there are many others in the studio to separate them.

Everyone’s loving the video of the incident. Of course, this isn’t the craziest thing that Yusupov has done.

In his last bout, he defeated Petr Romankevich by submission. The catch is that Yasupov is a middleweight while Romankevich is a larger heavyweight. Yasupov didn’t let that bother him as he dominated Romankevich on the ground and submitted him in less than two minutes.

In an earlier event, he saved the main event of the show by stepping in for one of the men at just 30 minutes’ notice. In true pro-wrestling fashion, he was able to effortlessly win this one via a first-round submission as well.

Like other Dagestanis, Yasupov has amazing grappling skills and is a sambo master. Representing Tajikistan, he competed in the 2012 Olympics in the 66 kg category. He also won silver at the 2014 Asian Games.

In MMA, Yasupov has the nickname: “Submission King”. He competed nine times last year as he took his record from 14-8 to 18-13. He is a true warrior who takes any bout that he gets.

Yasupov currently competes in Hardcore FC — a promotion that is known for delivering crazy moments. He has competed in numerous different organizations during his eight-year-long MMA career.