(Video) MMA bout between 60 year old male and adult female star ends with chicken thrown in instead of a towel

EPIC FC put on another note worthy Pop MMA event. The latest from the hilarious promotion included woman against two dwarves, adult female star against a aging male who is a reality tv star and more.

The main event of the latest EPIC FC card was comprised of adult star Elena Berkova who was pitted against one of the most eccentric contestants on Russian TV, Nikolai Dolzhansky. Dolzhansky became a star on reality TV eight years ago. Dolzhansky was allegedly abusive to his wife at the time.

Nikolai Dolzhansky is a graduate of the Philosophy Department at Moscow State University. He holds the record for being the oldest participant on the show DOM-2. At 49 years old, he joined the show in January 2012 at the age of almost 40. Most of the other contestants were barely over 20, so there was surprise on their faces when they saw such a mature guy among them. However, the atmosphere soon lightened up when Dolzhansky started rapping for them.

Dolzhansky's history of getting physical with women
Dolzhansky’s history of getting physical with women

Dolzhansky expressed his sympathy for Eugenia Feofilaktova, although she was dating Alexander Zadoinov at the time. He later switched his attention to Valeria Masterko, whom he tried to impress by buying her boots for seven thousand rubles and a tattoo with her initials. The couple moved into an apartment together, but Valeria constantly reminded him that they were living together “out of convenience.” The two argued, and Dolzhansky lashed out a lot, which eventually led to their breakup.

Despite his failures, Dolzhansky returned to the show several times with new rap compositions, stories about his multi-million fortune, and scandals. In the spring of 2016, he revealed that he had met 20-year-old Katerina Bogdanova, with whom he was in a serious relationship. The aspiring singer and the ‘DOM-2’ star got married, and in 2020, they returned to the show to compete for the prize of three million rubles in the ‘Wedding of the Year’ competition.

Elena Berkova rose to fame on the same reality show however her time was cut short when it was revealed she had starred in several adult movies. The revelation was surprising, and Elena was immediately kicked off the show creating a scandal in process.

Considering Dolzhansky’s history of getting physical with women and the fact that both of them are from the same reality series, this match made perfect sense for Epic FC. Not to mention that Dolzhansky is close to 60 while Berkova is in her prime.

So it’s no surprise Berkova was able to capitalize, and score a barrage of punches that prompted an on looker to throw a chicken inside of the cage instead of a towel to call a halt to the action.