(Video) PFL Superstar Cedric Doumbe books hospital bed for opponent

It seems like the PFL has discovered a gem in the form of Cedric Doumbe. The former Glory Kickboxing champion marked his entry into PFL with a jaw-dropping debut.

This unforgettable moment unfolded at PFL Europe 3, 2023. Even football luminaries like Kylian Mbappe and Achraf Hakimi were present to witness the spectacle. Doumbe left an unforgettable mark with a lightning-fast 9-second knockout against Jordan Zebo.

Building on the excitement, PFL fueled anticipation for Doumbe’s upcoming showdown with Baissangour Chamsoudinov at PFL Europe 1, 2024. With a recent funny sketch video, Doumbe has now heightened the interest of the fans in his bout with Chamsoudinov.

Merab Dvalishvili gained fame in the UFC with his viral sketches, and now it seems like Doumbe is doing the same.

Doumbe strategically shared his amusing skit across social media platforms, igniting a wildfire of shares and views. In the video, Doumbe humorously arranged a hospital room for his upcoming opponent. Adding a theatrical twist, he even assumed the role of a medic and foreshadowed the fate he predicted for his adversary.

Initially signed by the UFC, Doumbe faced an unexpected release from the promotion. This move did not sit well with many combat sports enthusiasts. Regarded as one of the UFC’s significant oversights, Doumbe acknowledged the error but kept the door open for a potential return.

Doumbe’s skill is not unknown; considering he had already won the GLORY welterweight title twice. Now with his viral skit, he is establishing himself not just a formidable contender but also a showman.

However, the road ahead for Doumbe is no cakewalk. His upcoming opponent Baissangour Chamsoudinov boasts an undefeated record. Training under Fernand Lopez at the MMA Factory alongside Ciryl Gane, Chamsoudinov is poised to be a challenging adversary. Despite being labeled as the underdog, Lopez boldly predicts an upset victory for his protege against the seasoned Doumbe.