(Video) Peak entertainment has been reached: ‘Slap Rap’ matches held by MMA promotion


The Universal Reality Combat Challenge (URCC) recently tried take the mixed martial arts scene by storm with URCC 84: Rage at Xylo at The Palace in Taguig on April 25, featuring an array of thrilling bouts including the first-ever “slap rap” matches.

“Slap rap” is a new concept that combines verbal and physical contests. The rappers will first engage in a typical rap battle, but in the next round, they will exchange slaps.

The URCC president, Alvin Aguilar, proudly announced that they will be hosting the first-ever slap rap battle at URCC 84. He also said that the organization has a lot of innovative things in store for its fans.

Two “slap rap” matches are set to take place at URCC 84, featuring Ronmar “South Piezze” Tubig vs. “Sir Deo” Destreza and John Kenneth “Cloza Mafia” Reyes vs. Daniel “Taz” Wiggins. These matches are expected to be a thrilling spectacle for the fans.


Apart from the “slap rap” matches, URCC 84 also boasts an exciting lineup of MMA clashes that are sure to keep fans on the edge of their seats. Among the most anticipated bouts was the grudge match between Arvin Chan and Mariano Jones. According to Aguilar, this event put an end to the long-standing saga between the two.

Another noteworthy moment was the main event featuring Eros Baluyut and EF Sevilla, both renowned jiujitsu practitioners.

The event also featured the URCC debut of former ONE Championship vet Jomary Torres as she faces the unbeaten Mariane Mariano.

In the preliminary bouts, Rex De Lara battled debuting John Carranza in the featherweight category, while Rhino Casipe meets Kervin Lampacan in the flyweight category. In another flyweight bout, Marvin Dela Cruz clashes against Denzel Dimaguila.

The event also includes amateur bouts, with Emmanuel Epkeusi squaring off against Mohammed Aslam in the welterweight category and Jan Ilarde facing AJ Castellano in the heavyweight category.