(Video) Pat Sabatini taps Niko Price with a Suloev Stretch

Pat Sabatini has emerged as a dominant athlete, consistently outperforming his fellow UFC contenders in the world of grappling.

Even though Sabatini’s most recent octagon match ended in loss, he can say with confidence that he’s starting 2024 strong. He recently won a very dominant submission at Cage Fury FC’s Fury Pro Grappling 8 event on Saturday in Philadelphia.

During his match against UFC welterweight Niko Price, Sabatini showcased his skills by swiftly maneuvering to secure a remarkable submission. Within a little over three minutes into the bout, Sabatini skillfully seized Price’s back and subsequently targeted his leg. He then executed a flawless Suloev stretch that left spectators in awe.

The submission hold applied by Sabatini was executed with absolute precision. The control exerted was such that Sabatini’s right knee almost made contact with his shoulder.


Sabatini’s success at Fury FC’s year-end grappling event continues to highlight his dominance. He previously submitted another UFC combatant Alex Caceres on the same date during Fury Grappling Pro 6 last year.

In the world of MMA, Sabatini experienced a mixed 2023 as his record is 1-1. Notably, he secured a submission victory against Lucas Almeida in June. But he encountered a setback when he faced a knockout defeat against Diego Lopes at UFC 295.

In the main event of Fury Pro Grappling 8, skilled grappler Kevin Dantzler faced up against former bantamweight champion Aljamain Sterling in an odd grappling match. Dantzler’s signature move is to play the guard by sinking to his butt, and for 10 minutes he did just that.

Most of the time Sterling was involved, he made an effort to urge Dantzler to stand up. Dantzler got up twice before falling back down.

Sterling retaliated by whirling the skilled wrestler like a tornado, finally dumping Dantzler when he grabbed him in an armbar. Dantzler ended up winning the match via unanimous decision because of that.