(Video) Ngannou laughs off body shot challenge featuring Real Madrid star: ‘Is that all?’

Vinicius Junior’s body shot challenge with former UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou showed that he wouldn’t have been a very good boxer. So it seems like its a good thing he chose to be a world-class footballer instead.

As the Real Madrid player threw a series of feeble punches to Ngannou’s stomach, the Cameroonian just said, “Is that all?”

During Real Madrid’s third day of pre-season training at the UCLA campus, Francis Ngannou flew out to Los Angeles to join the team and meet some of the first-team players.

Among the stars was Vinicius Junior, Ngannou’s favorite player. Vinicius’ teammate Eder Militao goaded the young footballer to test his punching prowess against the seasoned MMA competitor.

Vinicius Junior decided to show Ngannou what he was made of and aimed to punch him as hard as he could in the body. But when Vinicius unleashed his punches, it became apparent that boxing might not be his forte.

Although Vinicius Junior might not have the punching power of a professional boxer, his talent on the football field continues to captivate fans worldwide. As for Francis Ngannou, his foray into boxing promises to be an exciting new chapter in his already iconic career.

The upcoming crossover clash between Francis Ngannou and Tyson Furyhas sparked mixed reactions from fans. Many had hoped for a more anticipated matchup, such as seeing Tyson Fury take on Oleksandr Usyk in the first undisputed heavyweight title match. Nonetheless, the encounter between a boxer and an MMA competitor has its own unique appeal.

Following his departure from the UFC in January of last year, Francis Ngannou is all set to make his boxing debut. He recently signed with UFC’s rival promotion PFL. This move is expected to enable him to switch between MMA and boxing as he progresses in his career.