(Video) New Shocking Angle of Tuivasa knocking out Derrick Lewis

The co-main event for UFC 271 was a real banger for lack of a better term. Tuivasa showed up and showed off in front of home town hero Derrick Lewis. Tuivasa withstood a barrage of ground and pound after trying to work on takedowns in round 1. He came back from that and delivered a spectacular elbow finish.

In the second round, Tuivasa edged out the American finishing him with one of the hardest elbows that we’ve ever seen in the octagon.


Tuivasa had already landed that very same elbow in a previous fight.

In his fifth professional fight, ‘Bambam’ faced Brandon Sololi in a title fight for Australian Fighting Championship.

In the fight, Tuivasa performed the exact same technique that he used to knock out Derrick Lewis in his most recent fight.

A new video of an alternate angle of the fight has surfaced online.

In it, we can get an even better glimpse of how hard these two heavyweights were swinging at each other.

Tuivasa’s performance wasn’t impressive solely for his knockout power, another thing that impressed everyone was how Tuivasa was able to absorb blows from Lewis.

To put that into perspective, Derrick Lewis is the fighter with the most knockouts in UFC history.

A possible reason for Tuivasa’s ability for absorbing strikes is that he used to be a sparring partner for all-time heavyweight great Mark Hunt.

After scoring that highlight-reel knockout, Tuivasa is riding on a 5-fight win streak and is closer than ever to a title shot.

Unfortunately for him, the UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou might not be appearing in the octagon anytime soon.

After the champion’s disputes with UFC President Dana White were made public, his future is more than unclear at the moment.

Also, Ngannou is expected to undergo knee surgery that might put him on the bench for most of 2022.