(Video) New angle of Masvidal, Covington altercation emerges

Jorge Masvidal and Colby Covington’s altercation is the hottest topic in the world of mixed martial arts. The tow previously had a scheduled bout that went the distance at UFC 272. Covington won convincingly in spite of not showcasing much of a striking game.

In the fall out from the bout, the bad blood between the two got to an even higher level with Masvidal reportedly holding a grudge over the fact that Covington mentioned his kids.

Initial video came from a CCTV of a local establishment and is very very grainy and unclear. Since then another video has emerged that made it clear that Masvidal hit Covington twice and had reportedly cracked his tooth. Covington has pressed charges.

The police report has also been published. Masvidal’s criminal case won’t be helped by the fact he seemingly confirmed his participation in the altercation after the fact.

Since then another, better video of the incident emerged including a slow motion of what transpired between the two: