(Video) MMA vet Charles ‘Krazy Horse’ Bennett humbles racist who called him the n word

Mixed martial artist Charles Bennett went viral after beating a man during a live stream a while back. ‘Krazy Horse’ put his MMA skill to use after the man used racial slur and called him the n-word.

Despite never winning any championship in his 23 years career as a professional mixed martial artist, Charles Bennett is pretty popular among MMA fans all over the world. He was famous for his amusing personality and kooky moves when fighting his opponents in the cage.

One of the most famous acts he has done was when he attacked Youtube personality OG Geezer during a live stream session. The live stream featured other Youtubers and streamers ONLYUSEmeBLADE and Attila Bakk. However, the live stream got a bit chaotic.

Everyone there had one too many. On one occasion, youtuber OG Geezer used a racial slur and called Bennett the n-word with the hard R. Bennet, who was also a bit ‘under the weather’, proceeded to attack OG Geezer. This was additionally instigated by Bennett’s fans encouraging him through the live chat.

“Felony please wrap OG up. Teach him a lesson for being racist.” One fan wrote in the live chat.

Bennett used his grappling technique and tried to submit OG Geezer.The Youtuber tried to escape while shouting:

“I’m not a homosexual. Stop touching me at night time! I don’t want to be in this position right now.”

Bennett eventually got his neck and was in a rear naked choke position.

He then insisted Geezer to apologize and demanded him to say “I love n***ers.” as proof that he is not a racist.

The 42-year-old MMA athlete finally let loose even though they still shouted at each other following the altercation.

Charles Bennett is currently signed with Gamebred FC, a bare-knuckle MMA promotion co-owned by UFC star Jorge Masvidal. Bennett had two fights within Gamebred FC last year and in both fights he got finished.