(Video) MMA records its first stoppage due to a thumb injury ever, after a star falls on his own thumb

The Professional Fighters League (PFL) stands as a prominent promotion in the realm of mixed martial arts promotions, holding a premier position among its counterparts. Employing a league format, the organization orchestrates a series of compelling events, spotlighting a plethora of skilled athletes. Most recently, the spotlight shone on the regular season event of the year, unfolding on April 12 in the vibrant setting of Nevada, Las Vegas.

True to form, the promotion delivered an enthralling spectacle for MMA enthusiasts, featuring a lineup of matches ranging from seasoned veterans to emerging talents. With grit and determination, the athletes showcased their prowess, generating a tapestry of memorable moments and decisive outcomes. Yet, amidst the fervor, one match captured the audience’s attention due to an unforeseen occurrence. This encounter took place in the light heavyweight division, pitting Josh Silveira against Sadibou Sy on the main card.

Initially, the bout brimmed with excitement. As the bell chimed, both contenders engaged in a fierce exchange, displaying unwavering resolve. Their clash was marked by fluid transitions between striking and grappling maneuvers, injecting an air of dynamism into the arena. However, the momentum came to an abrupt halt early in the opening round, courtesy of an unexpected injury.

In a pivotal moment, Silveira seized an opportunity to grapple with Sy, executing a takedown with precision. As Sy descended to the canvas, he sought to cushion the impact with his hand, inadvertently resulting in a devastating injury to his thumb. The severity of the injury became apparent as his thumb contorted unnaturally upon impact, succumbing to the force of the fall.

Promptly realizing the extent of his injury, Sy attempted to alert the referee while grappling with the pain. Hastened by Silveira’s submission attempt, Sy made the decision to tap out, conceding defeat. The referee intervened, signaling the end of the match and declaring Silveira the victor via first-round technical knockout.

With this triumph, Josh Silveira reclaimed his position in the win column following a prior setback against Impa Kasanganay. The 31-year-old athlete bolstered his professional MMA record to 13 victories and 2 defeats. Conversely, Sadibou Sy found himself grappling with consecutive losses, as his record dwindled to 16 wins, 8 losses, and 2 draws.