(Video) MMA promotion has a smoke machine mishap, with the smoke appearing during finishing sequence

A mixed martial arts promotion in Colombia took their event to the next level by adding smoke effects before and after the bouts to make them more captivating. However, there was a mishap during one of the matches when the smoke was released too early.

Empire MMA, a mixed martial arts promotion based in Colombia, recently hosted Empire MMA 5, one of their major events. The event, which showcased promising stars from Latin America, took place on July 8 in Medellin.

The event successfully provided an entertaining spectacle for combat sports fans. Despite their limited experience, the emerging stars displayed their determination and engaged in intense battles.

One notable feature of the event was the use of a smoke effect at the beginning and end of each fight to enhance the visual atmosphere. However, during a bantamweight bout between Juan Trujillo and Israel Diaz, the smoke was released prematurely before the end of the bout.

Both were relatively new to professional mixed martial arts. Juan Trujillo entered the cage with an impeccable 2-0 record, securing victories in his previous fights through first-round finishes. Meanwhile, Israel Diaz was making his professional debut, having accumulated a 2-1 record in amateur bouts.

The match unfolded as expected. Trujillo clearly dominated Diaz in both grappling and striking exchanges. Although Diaz managed to take Trujillo down, he found himself overpowered on the ground. Just over two minutes into the first round, Trujillo unleashed a devastating ground-and-pound assault.

Despite the match still being in progress, the smoke effect had already been released, filling the cage and obstructing visibility for the audience. Fortunately, both athletes remained unfazed and continued with the clash.

Already in a winning position, Trujillo quickly applied a tight RNC and submitted Diaz amidst the surrounding smoke. With this victory, ‘El Patron’ maintained his undefeated record and extended it to 3-0.

UFC famously used a smoke machine just once, for an iconic McGregor entrance.