(Video) MMA Mega meme compilation – explaining the origins of some of MMA’s hottest memes in 2022

MMA is a very memeable sport even outside of Pop MMA promotions with their stunts. As a young and growing sport MMA attracts a ton of new fans with each day. Not to mention the UFC is clearly targetting a younger demographic with their tiktok presence in addition to securing contracts with viral stars such as NELK and Hasbulla.

Brief rundown of this month’s hottest memes.

To start off the compilation there’s a loving throwback to when Dana White declared a war on streamers back in January. The so called war was short lived with White pronouncing ‘they caught one’ at a presser later and no official confirmations of any kind.

Following that we have the case of Rose Namajunas. Namajunas put on a snooze fest of the year against Carla Esparza and lost her title in the worst possible way – not to mention that she actually thought she was winning at the time. Perhaps due to the delusional cornering of UFC vet/fiance/alleged creep Pat Barry.

The rock’s shoes were the target of the next number. There’s no surprise there. The Rock’s Under Armour collab with the UFC left the athletes empty handed .Quite literally. As the promotion, the brand and the actor cash in on association with the most lethal athletes of the world.

There was an old call back to an all time classic MMA clash. Robbie Lawler and Rory Macdonald were said to have never been the same again. Lawler’s career is certainly on a downward trajectory while Macdonald suffered back to back losses. One can only hope both have enough savings to be able to retire and not suffer the fate of Melvin Guillard.

Next up – the case of altitude vs Costa and Rockhold. When UFC decided to stage UFC 279 in Utah there wasn’t much talk about one huge factor in the performance – altitude. Utah is one of the highest states in general. Statistically speaking, it’s the third highest, trailing only behind Colorado and Wyoming. Utah has a mean elevation of 6,100 feet (1,860 m) due to its many mountainous regions. This is very relevant to sports performance considering that it takes a lot of time to adjust to the oxygen saturation not to mention the fact that Rockhold was coming off of a long lay off. In the end the two were visibly gassed throughtout the bout but still managed to deliver a classic.

Conor McGregor is slowly becoming more infamous for late night tweet storms containing mulitple inappropriate comments on a variety of subjects prompting fans to suspect that he’s in need of AA more than leg rehab.

Michael Chandler can sure cut a promo but Chandler also has a unique ability to go on rants that sounds like he’s doing PR for a politician. Chandler excels at boot licking and is often layering on the complements on Dana White, McGregor and whoever else might benefit his career the most.

Tito Ortiz is slowly becoming infamous for his nonsensical takes that include everything from his own career to political aspirations. There’s only one competitor that could give Brendan Schaub a serious challenge when it comes to winning the title of dimmest MMA pro alive.

Israel Adesanya is quickly picking up quite a number of haters. This is in part due to his lackluster performances and in part due to the fact that he’s parroted a stupid line giving homage to Frozen and nobody from his team has bothered to inform him that’s lame.

Kamaru Usman secured a movie role on Black panther shortly prior to losing his title to Edwards but even before that he was somewhat of a great actor repeatedly taking away momentum from Colby Covington for so called low blows which weren’t really low.