(Video) MMA bout ends after First Punch, loser springs up and starts going at the ref

In the preliminary card of UAE Warriors 39 in Abu Dhabi, a 150 lb catchweight match between Ilkhom Nazimov and Rustem Kudaybergenov ended unexpectedly in the first few seconds. Nazimov, who was on a seven win streak, suffered a devastating KO after a skilled right hand from Kudaybergenov.

Ilkhom Nazimov and Rustem Kudaybergenov were two highly regarded martial artists in their respective careers, with an impressive number of stoppage wins under their belts.  The anticipation was high, with fans and experts alike expecting an exciting clash between these two talented individuals.

However, the bout ended abruptly and surprisingly. Nazimov launched a lazy leg kick at the start of the match, which Kudaybergenov quickly countered with a  right hand that sent Nazimov face-first to the canvas. Kudaybergenov went off to celebrate his victory, leaving the referee to attend to Nazimov.

However, Nazimov seemed to be unaware that the bout had ended and immediately attempted to attack the referee. Fortunately, a ringside official intervened quickly and prevented the situation from escalating further.

The loss seemed to have taken a toll on Nazimov, who suffered his first career defeat via KO. Nazimov’s outburst towards the referee was a clear sign of his frustration and inability to control his emotions.

While losing is never easy, it is essential to maintain their composure and sportsmanship. Losing control of one’s emotions can result in dire consequences, not just for oneself but also for others. It is crucial for everyone to prioritize their safety and that of others, especially in such high-intensity situations. As for Nazimov, it is essential to learn from this experience and work towards better control of his emotions in future. Here’s to hoping that experience didn’t leave any lasting damage