(Video) Mixed martial artist rushes crowd to confront opponent’s fans after submission finish almost causing a riot

A peculiar scene took place at Tuff-N-Uff 130 overnight. The event pitted 34 year old Daniel Compton against UFC veteran Maki Pitolo.

Pitolo had an MMA record consisting of 7 wins and 2 losses heading into the bout. Compton’s record had 15 wins and 9 losses.

Midway in round three, Pitolo got stuck in Compton’s guard on the ground. There he made a fatal mistake of leaving his arm for the taking.

Compton slapped on a kimura hold which he then used to submit Pitolo.

Compton rolled to the side to provide enough leverage to be able to twist Pitolo’s arm.

The action continued with Pitolo unable to put up any kind of resistance with his other arm trapped between his body and the mat at which point ref rightfully stepped in and Declared Compton the winner before any catastrophic damage could be applied to Pitolo’s shoulder.

Despite the finish, Compton was till irked. He quickly walked to the side of the fence. Compton was approached by a woman from medical stuff whom he shrugged off pushing her away at which point he charged at the cage door that was open.

Members of security quickly rushed to prevent him from charging at anyone in the crowd.

At this point crowd got rough and rowdy and a group appeared to try and charge at him.

Security and Las Vegas Metro police luckily intervened and defused the situation promptly.

Compton proceeded to threaten someone in the crowd while climbing the top of the cage.

Security got him to come down after some cajoling.

In the end there were no serious injuries or major issues but a situation like this was very close to escalating to the levels at which security guards would’ve been helpless and outnumbered.