(Video) Mixed martial artist pulls out tooth during face-offs, stuns opponent

Mixed martial arts are the closest thing to a circus sometimes. Often times these sketchy scenes take place in Russian obscure promotions but this time the troubling video was featured Jeremy Williams of Jungle MMA & Fitness.

The athlete was set to compete at Combat Night MMA and proceeded to face off with his opponent. At this time he was inspired by a rage spurt and ripped out a tooth from his own mouth in spur of the moment. He proceeded to throw it on the stage at his feet.

At this point he turned to the audience, stomped at it, screamed and exited the stage.


His opponent Bryan Arocho was stunned by the antic.

Williams was proud of the moment afterwards and wrote:

“For everyone wondering if the “toothless” guy won… here’s your answer. This is just the beginning, my rise is inevitable.”


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Williams won against Bryan Arocho with a second round front kick. He is now 3-0 in MMA.

Many on lookers were stunned with Williams take on self promotion writing: “what in the me th?” – while another user claimed that the Orlando resident had brandished a fake tooth. “Fake tooth, teeth do not come out that easy. I’ve had dentists put their knees on my chest before.”