(Video) Mike Tyson tells Dana White to his face he’s training Ngannou for boxing debut

Mike Tyson has taken on the role of trainer for Francis Ngannou, the former UFC champion set to make his boxing debut against heavyweight world champion Tyson Fury on October 28 in Saudi Arabia.

Ngannou’s decision to step into the boxing ring under the guidance of the legendary Tyson has raised eyebrows and anticipation alike. However, Tyson has not shied away from offering his candid assessment of Ngannou’s previous training efforts, deeming them insufficient for the challenge ahead.

Speaking on the matter, Tyson openly revealed, “He’s had many professional fights, but he’s never experienced a professional boxing match. But by working with him yesterday, he has the aptitude, and I see a good future in this life. It’s not going to be as one-sided as people think it is.”

The transformation of Ngannou’s training regimen under Tyson’s tutelage has already commenced. Tyson emphasized the importance of pushing Ngannou to his limits, telling First Take, “I was speaking with Francis once he came in and I asked him ‘Are you sore today?’, and he said ‘No’. That was a big mistake. But, we’re going to work and we’re going to exert everything he has for this particular match. I definitely believe that it’s going to be a tougher fight than anyone thinks.”

Tyson’s inclusion in Ngannou’s team brings a new dimension to the upcoming match. Tyson’s extensive experience, both as a boxer and a combat sports figure, promises to shape Ngannou’s transition from the octagon to the boxing ring.

Reflecting on his role, Tyson expressed his dedication to Ngannou’s success, stating, “I am looking forward to working with Ngannou and supporting his transition from the octagon to the boxing ring. He isn’t a combat novice, he is a world champion. The key will be combining his energy and combat skills into his punches and using his agility to move swiftly around the ring then delivering the knock-out blow. We’re here to win.”

Ngannou, on his part, acknowledges the magnitude of this new chapter in his career. Addressing his forthcoming bout with Fury, Ngannou asserted, “I think just talking about my power is going to be a huge mistake. We are going to shock the world and show the skillset, showcase the work we have been doing behind the scenes.”

He added, “I am not taking this lightly, it’s very important and I know that it’s going to be very challenging for me. I am taking every single thing seriously, this for me is the biggest fight of my career. As every fight should be, but this one is the most important.”

This dramatic alliance between two titans of combat sports sets the stage for an exhilarating showdown in the ring. The collaboration between Tyson and Ngannou has injected new energy and anticipation into the world of boxing, leaving fight enthusiasts eagerly awaiting the historic bout.

Meanwhile, in an intriguing twist, Tyson also featured on the Hotboxin’ podcast with UFC president Dana White, sparking conversations about the dynamics of combat sports, including boxing and MMA, and adding further layers of intrigue to the upcoming match.