(Video) Mike Tyson gets pissed off holding the pads for fan who ended up hitting him

Mike Tyson is considered to be a living legend in the world of boxing. Yet, even for a figure as resolute as Tyson, unforeseen circumstances can challenge his fortitude.

During a training session, a fan’s light punch accidentally made contact with Tyson’s face. This scenario might have incited a volatile reaction from Tyson in the past. However, Tyson demonstrated remarkable restraint and poise. He ended up managing the situation with composed firmness.

The boxing community is aware of Tyson’s unwavering resolve and menacing presence.

In the video, a fan wearing black shorts and an orange cap is seen boxing with Tyson as he is holding pads. As the fan accidentally connects a shot, Tyson stops immediately.

Tyson then made it plain that anybody who touches him would face repercussions. He acts intimidating and jokingly asks the fan to calm down.

Tyson then announces: “If anybody hits me, I’m gonna f**k them up!”

While stern and intimidating, his response displays the maturity and discipline of a real champion. The restraint he showed is an inspiration for fans, both within and beyond the boxing arena.

For fans of Mike Tyson, this incident only amplifies their love for their idol. The incident reaffirms why Tyson continues to be an influential and esteemed figure in the world of boxing.

Mike Tyson is currently gearing up for a boxing match against Jake Paul. The event will take place live on Netflix in July at AT&T Stadium in Dallas, Texas.

Mike Tyson has been an outspoken supporter of Jake Paul’s entry into combat sports, despite opposition from a number of boxers. The former heavyweight champion has complimented the Paul brothers’ boxing endeavors on several occasions and even said previously that he would be willing to take on Jake.

Although the boxing match has received a lot of criticism considering the huge age gap between the two, Paul believes that people all over the world will be watching it.