(Video) Mike Perry takes the body shot challenge with comedian Theo Von

Body shot challenges have been gaining popularity lately, and BKFC star Mike Perry decided to take on the challenge with stand-up comedian Theo Von. In this challenge, combat sports athletes usually ask people to punch them in the belly as hard as possible to demonstrate how durable their bodies are.

The two personalities had previously met on Von’s podcast, where they had a great time discussing various topics, with Von cracking jokes here and there. During one episode, Von expressed his desire to punch someone, and Perry quickly offered himself as a willing participant.

Von threw a right hand punch at Perry, holding back a bit, and Perry didn’t even flinch. The video clip went viral on social media, with fans praising the duo’s chemistry.

The chemistry between the two was so great that one fan wrote, “The conversation they had is everything you think it would be.” Meanwhile, another fan joked about Mike Perry being black, “Senseless white on black violence.”

Mike Perry had his third bare-knuckle boxing match at BKFC 41, where he went head-to-head with UFC veteran Luke Rockhold and emerged victorious after retiring Rockhold in the second round.

The body shot challenge is a relatively new trend in the world of combat sports. It is a simple challenge where the challenger, typically combat sports athletes, asks people to punch them in the belly as hard as they can. The goal of the challenge is to show how durable the body can be against several punches.

The trend has gained popularity in recent years, with several celebrities and athletes taking part in the challenge. It has become a way to test one’s toughness and has given people a new way to show off their skills.


Perry’s style is nd exciting, which has made him a fan favorite. He has also competed in the UFC, where he has a record of 7 wins and 8 losses. Despite his losses, Perry has always been known for his toughness and ability to take a punch.