(Video) Man taught by 122 Year Old Master in the mountains of China challenges MMA pro – it backfires horribly

There’s nothing as infuriating as delusion.

Mixed Martial arts is a sport that has been there to sober up men and give them a real way to measure their various martial arts skills against one another in a safe environment.

In the world of martial arts, there’s always been a lot of people pretending. Some genuinely believe what they’re selling while others willingly lead people astray.

UFC commentator Joe Rogan recently talked a little bit about how UFC exposed ‘Frauds’ who would start their own martial arts schools.

“There’s a lot of those guys that existed before the UFC that were just frauds. There was a s*it ton of ‘em. They would start their own schools and they would teach people. And they literally didn’t know how to fight. They were making s**t up.” – Rogan told his guest.

“There’s so many fake martial artists still out there. It’s amazing that they still exist. And then the weird thing is this thing where they have this death touch on people. And the people just all fall down because it seems like these people really do believe that they’ve been touched by some crazy chi energy and they fall.”

“They can’t move their body. There’s a lot of ‘em, there’s like hundreds of these videos. It’s like, what is that sort of mass psychosis? what is this like, hypnosis?”

One such challenger recently got the wake up call of a lifetime. The man in question claimed to have been taught by legendary martial arts who learned his secrete techniques from a 122 year old master in the mountains of China.

Sadly he got a vicious yet not fatal wake up call once he went up against an actual mixed martial artist.

This kind of thing is sadly becoming common. A while back Internet Karate kid showed up to a class and tried ‘teaching’ his MMA coach. That also didn’t go terribly well. But, to date, there are still men that opt to practice traditional martial arts ranging from wushu to aikido and tai chi and they’re not exactly aware that while their art is not completely useless in terms of staying active, they have no place measuring their skill against a live opponent, and especially not one with actual useful training.