(Video) Man pretends to be a UFC star in club, MMA world reacts

If you’re a fan of the UFC, then getting a photo with one of the competitors is probably on your bucket list. It’s a tangible reminder of the meeting, and it’s something that many fans will cherish for years to come. Recently, a video content creator named Cory Garrastazu had his brother Adrian pose as a fake UFC star.

The two brothers were at a club when they hatched a plan to deceive everyone in attendance. Adrian was dressed in the UFC kit, wearing the official Venum jersey and a cap. The appearance was convincing enough to fool the fans, who happily posed for photos with the fake competitor.

The video was  so funny it prompted reactions from fans and stars. Fans of the sport reacted with hilarious comments. One fan mockingly said that Adrian was Jon Jones, while others couldn’t believe that all it took was a t-shirt and a cap to fool everyone.

The video quickly went viral, and several UFC competitors reacted to it as well. Some of the comments were as follows:

While posing as a fake UFC star is one way to get close to the action, YouTuber MikeyT took it one step further when he attended UFC 284. The event featured a main event clash between lightweight champion Islam Makhachev and featherweight king Alexander Volkanovski.

According to MikeyT, the tickets for the event sold out in less than 10 seconds. To ensure that he wouldn’t miss out on the historic event, MikeyT went on the hunt for official-looking lanyards and had one made for himself. He identified himself as a videographer and wore a black polo with the UFC logo heat-pressed into the chest to pass as an event employee.

MikeyT was able to breeze through security by displaying his official lanyard. Once inside, he made his way to the press area and even managed to walk out Alexander Volkanovski ahead of the Australian’s main event clash.