(Video) Luke Rockhold wrestles NBA legend Tim Duncan backstage at UFC San Antonio


Luke Rockhold is the former Strikeforce and UFC middleweight champion. He has been making headlines recently as he gears up for his Bare Knuckle FC debut on April 28.

However, Rockhold made headlines for a different reason over the weekend when he was caught on camera engaging in a friendly grappling exchange with NBA legend Tim Duncan.

The exchange took place backstage at UFC San Antonio, where Rockhold was supporting his friend Marlon ‘Chito’ Vera in the main event.

In a video clip shared on social media, he can be seen tangling up with Duncan in a playful exchange. The two were clearly enjoying themselves, and famed MMA coach Jason Parillo can be seen getting in on the fun towards the end of the clip.

Rockhold also shared pictures of himself with another Spurs icon and NBA legend, David Robinson, while backstage at the event.

Clearly, Rockhold was enjoying his time at UFC San Antonio and making the most of the opportunity to rub shoulders with some of basketball’s biggest names.

As for Rockhold’s combat sports career, he returned to the Octagon in August after a three-year absence but came up short against Paulo Costa.

Rockhold told media:

“I’m a free agent. Free and clear and I’m ready. Re-inspired to go out there and do something new.”

The 38-year-old would prefer to look at his options outside of the UFC:

“The door [back to the UFC] is always open but I want to go f**k some people up. I want to go change and correct this bullsh*t that’s going on out there. ”

“There’s other companies, of course. There’s PFL. Peter Murray I think is a smart, sharp dude and they’re doing some cool things where the best fight the best.”

“People are not jumping each other. This jumping all this bullsh*t. If you wanna do bullsh*t you can go box and beat up all these YouTubers too. There’s opportunities there.”

“I’m just finding my rhythm in boxing and my legs could take a little break every once in a while.”

He seemingly announced his retirement during his octagon  interview, but months later, Rockhold revealed that he had signed with BKFC and will make his promotional debut in April at BKFC 41. Rockhold is slated to headline the event opposite ‘Platinum’ Mike Perry.