(Video) Lovato Jr wins via kimura, in return to MMA after disastrous diagnosis

Rafael Lovato Jr was one of the most promising BJJ world champions to transition into MMA. Lovato signed with Bellator in 2017 after a short stint in LFC. He’s racked up quite a winning spree since having won 10 MMA bouts straight – 6 in Bellator.

Rafael Lovato Jr won his title against Gegard Mousasi back in 2019, but the victory was short lived. Lovato was forced to vacate the title in the fall out from a disastrous health diagnosis.

Lovato ended up going on Joe Rogan Experience and revealing he was dealing with a venous malformation in the brain that meant that most State athletic commissions wouldn’t license him to compete.

He’s competed off and on in jiu-jitsu since since that was deemed less volatile.

But Lovato also returned to MMA for an exhibition at IGF – Inoki Bom-Ba-Ye x Ganryujima.

On December 28, Japan-based MMA promotion Ganryujima had a collaboration event booked as INOKI BOM-BA-YE x Ganryujima. The event took place in Tokyo, Japan and featured several great matchups.

The event was headlined by Igor Tanabe and Melvin Manhoef.

Lovato Jr was matched with Taiga Iwasaki who he managed to submit via a kimura in round 1.

However, a crazy moment stole the show during another match. It was during the second bout between Brazilian athlete Marcus Aurelio and Hidenori Ebata from Japan.

They were throwing punches and kicks during the match. Then, Ebata delivered a flying knee which was caught by Aurelio. This left Ebata standing on one leg. Aurelio then proceeded to lift Ebata up. But, instead of slamming him to the arena ground, he ran to the side and jumped off of the platform.