(Video) LOL: Did Dana White let one rip during the presser?

In a recent interview, UFC president Dana White found himself at the center of an unexpected social media storm when an unusual sound was caught on camera.

Dana White, a long-standing figure in the UFC, has been the face of the organization since taking on the role of UFC president in 2001 when Frank and Lorenzo Fertitta acquired the UFC. His position was further elevated to Chief Executive Officer after the UFC’s merger with WWE.

White is typically known for his authoritative and sometimes high-tempered persona, but he has also shown a more light-hearted side on occasion.

The incident in question occurred during a post-fight press conference for Dana White’s Contender Series Season 7 finale, held at the UFC Apex in Las Vegas on October 10. During the conference, White was discussing middleweight prospect Torrez Finney, who had secured a UFC contract with a second-round submission victory over Yuri Panferov.

White was analyzing Finney’s performance, noting his proficiency in grappling but also pointing out the need for improvement in striking. As he discussed Finney’s stand-up skills, White’s tone took a lighter note.

“Here’s the thing that I saw on him. He didn’t like to get punched in the face, you know what I mean? That guy got to get in there and start mixing it up a little more, work on his stand up… and, listen… I’m in a great mood…”

Shortly after this comment, an unexpected sound, resembling a faint fart, was audible in the background. While not particularly loud, it became the focal point of the interview. There was some uncertainty surrounding the source of the sound, whether it was indeed a fart or something else entirely.

Nevertheless, the clip of this peculiar moment quickly circulated on social media, sparking a viral reaction from fans. Social media users filled the comment sections with disbelief and humor regarding the incident.

One fan commented, “I thought I heard a f***ing fart when I was watching that,” while another added, “no way lmao.”

A play on words emerged, referencing White’s ‘F*ck it Friday’ series, with a fan suggesting “Fart it Friday.”

Another fan humorously suggested that White was intentionally creating hype for the upcoming UFC 294, stating, “He’s trying to gas us up on 294.”

This quirky occurrence, despite its light-hearted nature, showcased the power of social media to turn a minor moment into a viral sensation in the world of sports and entertainment.