(Video) Logan Paul makes weight for Danis boxing match after Danis puts him on blast for missing

There’s plenty of drama surrounding the Misfits card that happens this weekend. After an eventful presser, there was still doubt Logan Paul will make it into the boxing ring despite his assurances.

Logan Paul and Dillon Danis are embroiled in yet another a dispute over whether their scheduled event is still on after a controversial weigh-in.

Although the two are set to face off on Saturday night Danis, expressed his anger on social media regarding the weigh-in.

In a tweet on Friday morning, Danis claimed, “Logan Paul just missed weight.”

Logan quickly responded with a video showing him weighing in at 194.3 lbs, which is below the 195 lbs catchweight limit for the fight.

However, Danis contested this, stating, “The commission’s rules state that weigh-ins are between 10 and 11. If you miss the 11 o’clock deadline, you’ve missed weight. I weighed in at 10:15. The commission said that if he doesn’t arrive by the 11 am deadline, the fight is off.”

Danis further alleged that Logan had changed the rules to give himself an extra hour after missing weight. He argued for fairness, saying, “We should be on an even playing field; he shouldn’t get special treatment. He’s already got more juice than Tropicana. He missed the weight, plain and simple. They’re trying to handicap me as much as possible.”

Adding fuel to the fire, Danis criticized the commission, insinuating that it was influenced by KSI and Misfits, saying, “This fake commission is paid for by KSI and Misfits. They do whatever they say to get paid. This whole thing is a bunch of bulls***.”

In response to this dispute, Logan Paul simply tweeted, “He’s so scared of me.”

This weigh-in controversy followed an incident during Thursday’s press conference when a brawl erupted. Danis struck Logan with a microphone, resulting in a cut and bleeding for the American social media star.

Logan reassured fans on Twitter, stating, “Dillon can’t escape me. The fight is very much happening, the stakes just got higher.”

Should Logan be unable to fight, his brother Jake Paul, another social media star turned boxer, has offered to step in as a replacement opponent, vowing, “I will always have my brother’s back.”