(Video) Logan Paul gets in a scrap ringside, during Diaz vs Paul

During his brother Jake Paul’s event against Nate Diaz, Logan Paul found himself in an altercation at ringside, resulting in a chair being thrown and a physical confrontation.

Jake Paul secured a victory over UFC legend Nate Diaz at the American Air Texas, marking his return to the win column after his loss to Tommy Fury in February. Despite Diaz’s strong performance in the later rounds, Paul dominated the boxing bout and won by scores of 97-92, 98-91, and 98-91 after 10 rounds.

In the midst of the match, Logan and his father Greg were spotted at ringside engaging in a verbal dispute with another spectator. Logan appeared to signal to security to intervene before the situation escalated. Eventually, a physical altercation occurred, with someone being pushed to the ground. Police and security personnel swiftly intervened to separate the individuals involved, quickly de-escalating the situation.

Logan had rushed to attend the event after his WWE match against Ricochet at SummerSlam in Detroit. He received a police escort to the airport, where he boarded a private jet to Dallas to witness his brother ringside.

While Jake Paul is expected to have a rematch against Nate Diaz in MMA, Logan is preparing for his boxing comeback after over two years. He will compete on the same card as his business partner KSI in October, with his opponent yet to be announced.

Logan Paul expressed his satisfaction with his brother’s victory, acknowledging the pressure he faced after his own professional defeat to Tommy Fury. He emphasized the importance of resilience, stating that his loss was a crucial turning point in his career, driving him to work harder and continuously improve in the sport of boxing.

Jake Paul secured a unanimous decision victory over Nate Diaz in a much-anticipated boxing match that generated a $3.1 million gate, making it one of the top events at the American Airlines Center. Despite the loss, Nate Diaz is open to a rematch with Paul, preferably in boxing, to have a chance to redeem himself. Paul made an offer to Diaz, to square off with him in MMA for $10M.

Both Paul and Diaz are said to be earning mid 8 figures from the bout.