(Video) Leon Edwards practices left high kick after his team pinpoints flaw in Usman’s defense

This past weekend, Leon Edwards sensationally knocked out Kamaru Usman in the final minute of their five-round contest to claim the UFC welterweight championship title.

Before Edwards got him with a huge head kick, Usman seemed to be coasting to a decision win.

Usman lay on the ground motionless. Referee Herb Dean was late as usual but Edwards saw Usman was out cold and walked off.

This made Edwards the first Jamaican born athlete to get the UFC belt and the second ever British UFC champion.

As always there are those who said Edwards got lucky and knocked out Usman accidentally however they have been silenced thanks to a UFC 278 behind-the-scenes video.

One of Edwards’ coaches pointed out: “If he starts throwing some shots and dipping his head away, that’s when we are looking for the head kick.”

In video footage released Edwards and his coach can be seen pointing out the weakness in Usman’s defense and hammering the left high kick that finally sent the 35-year-old to the shadow realm on Saturday night in Salt Lake City.


The Birmingham native will soon return to training to get ready for a rematch with Usman, whom he originally faced back in 2015 when both were UFC rookies.

Edwards lost the match by a unanimous decision that time. As a result, the two men are likely headed into a trilogy, where they will each have the opportunity to put the feud to rest once and for all.

The match is anticipated to take place in the UK during the first quarter of 2023.

Wembley Stadium is an option, according to Dana White. He also expressed reservations about staging an outdoor event in a nation known for its inclement weather just after UFC 278.

UFC president is already picking venues. While Wembley is unlikely, anything could happen considering the ease with which UFC has sold tickets in the Uk.

White told, “This thing is going to be so huge. Not just for the UK but for Europe.”

“We would hold it prime time in in the UK. We’re looking at every option out there right now. We are looking at all the venues in England, not just London. We are looking at every venue in England.”

“We are looking at what’s available and what’s not. You’ve curfews and a lot of things you’ve got to deal with in England, but we actually worked on that today.”