(Video) KSI’s corner caught giving questionable advice including illegal move against Tommy Fury

In a recent showdown, KSI found himself facing off against Tommy Fury at the electrifying Misfits X DAZN: The Prime Card event held in England just last weekend. Tommy is the half-brother of the renowned boxing icon Tyson Fury.

The British YouTube sensation started the bout with huge determination, showcasing moments of brilliance within the ring. However, the ultimate victory belonged to Fury as he clinched the win through a majority decision.

This outcome then saw a twist as it was later rectified by a unanimous decision. This result was subsequently reversed to a unanimous decision when one of the judges made a mistake tallying up the judges’ scores.

The final verdict stood at 57-56 in favor of Fury, as declared by all three judges.

Despite opinions labeling the event as lackluster, it was not without its share of controversial moments. A recently surfaced video on social media sheds light on KSI receiving dubious counsel from his cornermen.

Twitter user shared a video showing KSI’s corner pleading with him to keep Tommy Fury. He wanted KSI to keep Fury in a clinch long enough to provoke him into launching an illegal back-of-the-head blow.


In the clip, you can hear his instructor saying: “You’re up on all the rounds. He’s got a point deducted. Stay in the clinch with him and make him… he’ll hit you on the back of the head again, we know he will.”

It is common knowledge that ‘Rabbit Punches’ or strikes targeting the back of the head pose severe threats to a person’s well-being, potentially leading to life-altering injuries.

Given that KSI was pitted against a professional boxer boasting an impeccable 10-0 record, the decision to encourage such a strategy was undoubtedly a gamble.

Former UFC luminary Darren Till voiced his discontentment with the proceedings at the recent Misfits Boxing event in Manchester.

Though many acknowledge Tommy Fury’s legitimacy as a boxer, Darren Till holds a dissenting view on the 24-year-old English. During a recent interview on The MMA Hour, Till criticized the apparent lack of boxing skills on display during the KSI vs. Fury bout.

He stated: “The co-main and main event just weren’t any good. Tommy did the same thing… It’s like his brain didn’t know what to do. He’d run in with the right hand, KSI would duck, he would hug, and he didn’t even know how to box on the inside… One, I don’t think he’s got any power. Two, honestly, I just don’t think he’s cut out for this s***.”