(Video) Samoan Heavyweight great David Tua tears a coconut with his teeth

Boxing legend David Tua recently went viral for a clip that shows him using an unconventional method to open a coconut – his teeth. Despite being 51 years old and over a decade removed from his fighting days, the former heavyweight contender demonstrated he still possesses the ferocious power and iron jaw that made him so feared in the ring.

In the video circulating on social media, Tua can be seen standing on a beach, coconut in hand. Rather than using a tool to crack it open, the Samoan slugger simply bites into the coconut shell with his bare teeth. To the amazement of viewers, Tua’s powerful bite easily rips through the tough exterior, allowing him to get to the coconut meat inside.

The jaw-dropping clip is a reminder of the incredible punching power Tua wielded during his 21-year professional career from 1992 to 2013. The “Tuamanator” was one of the most devastating punchers in heavyweight history, scoring 43 knockouts in his 52 victories against the best opposition the division had to offer.

Though he never quite captured a major world title, Tua was a truly elite heavyweight in his prime. He challenged Lennox Lewis for the undisputed championship in 1998, made multiple defenses of the USBA and NABF heavyweight titles, and held regional belts like the WBO Asia Pacific and Oriental heavyweight straps.

His aggressive, all-offense style made for numerous memorable wars against fellow big punchers like Ike Ibeabuchi and Hasim Rahman. Now over a decade removed from that storied career, Tua is still putting that Samoan power on display – this time to conquer some local produce instead of human opponents. Coconuts beware of the heavyweight great’s bite.