(Video) Kickboxer loses front teeth from impact during Glory event

The GLORY Collision 5 event in Rotterdam, Netherlands, witnessed a hard-hitting showdown between kickboxers Ulric Bokeme and Michael Boahpeah.

However, the middleweight clash took a devastating turn for Bokeme, as he not only suffered a TKO loss but also had his front teeth knocked out during the match on June 17, 2023.

This unexpected and blow left Bokeme grappling with both physical and emotional challenges in the aftermath of the bout.

The actionstarted with an intense exchange of strikes between Ulric Bokeme and Michael Boahpeah. As the bout progressed, Bokeme began experiencing discomfort, signaling to the referee about an issue with his mouthpiece.

Upon closer inspection, it became apparent that Bokeme had lost several front teeth due to the powerful punches delivered by Boahpeah. The sudden dental damage added an extra layer of adversity to an already grueling bout for Bokeme.

The sight of Bokeme missing several teeth from his mouth was absolutely brutal, leaving fans in disbelief. With no other option, the referee had to step in and stop the action. Boahpeah emerged as the victor with a first-round TKO, while Bokeme was left physically and emotionally affected, searching for his lost teeth on the canvas.

To compound his distress, Bokeme even revealed to his corner that he had swallowed a few teeth during the devastating defeat. It was a painful and distressing experience for the kickboxer on multiple levels.

Witness the dramatic final moments of the bout in the footage below:

Over the years, combat sports have seen their fair share of gruesome teeth injuries. One notable example is Anthony Smith’s tough TKO defeat against Glover Teixeira, where he handed his teeth to the referee mid-round.

However, the aftermath of Bokeme’s tooth knockout at GLORY Collision 5 might just surpass them all. The sight of his missing teeth left fans astonished and cringing, serving as a stark reminder of the brutal nature of the sport and the sacrifices fighters make inside the ring.

This incident highlights a concerning trend of mouthguard mishaps in combat sports. Just a few months ago, Luke Rockhold faced a similar fate during his debut against Mike Perry at BKFC 41.

These incidents underscore the importance of proper mouthguard usage and shed light on the potential risks men face during the intensity of battle. They serve as a reminder that even with thorough preparation and protective gear, unexpected events can still occur inside the ring, demanding utmost caution and care.