(Video) Kelly Clarkson learns the most common UFC submission on live TV

Famous television host Mario Lopez recently taught fellow celeb Kelly Clarkson a bit of Brazilian jiu jitsu. Clarkson learned how to lock in an RNC and even practiced it on Lopez.

Singer-turned-TV host Kelly Clarkson invited Mario Lopez on a recent episode of her show the Kelly Clarkson Show.

“We’ll do a simple rear-naked choke. So, you’ll go behind here, right? You’ll grab like this, put your hand behind like this here, and then you’ll start to squeeze a little bit like that. And then it will start to hurt.” Lopez said while demonstrating the move.

Clarkson pretty much enjoyed it, saying, “I think I’ve had this dream.”

Next was Clarkson’s turn to choke Lopez. She hilariously failed to reach and wrap her own hands but managed to choke Lopez.

“I’ll just aim for the [groin].” Clarkson joked. “I have abnormally short arms. I can’t even reach my other [arm].”

Mario Lopez is an endorser of health and fitness. The 49-year-old is still looking like a fit 25-year-old man. He revealed that his secret is eating healthy food most days of the week. He also goes to the gym but never really forced himself due to his age.

Lopez also practices martial arts and has a purple belt in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. He explained that BJJ does not only have benefits on the body but also the mind.

“Jiu-jitsu is like physical chess. You’re constantly learning and expanding your mind. I just love it. I love the community and everything that it’s about and that I get to do it with my kids. It instills such a great work ethic and confidence and physical toughness, as well as emotional, psychological toughness, and a lot of confidence. So I love all those things and all those attributes and it’s taught. It will complement my day, especially when I’m rushing from my radio show to Access,” Lopez said during a talk with Men’s Health.