(Video) Justin Gaethje teaches security guard a lesson in wrestling

Justin Gaethje is definitely one of the most exciting athletes to ever compete in MMA.

Gaethje is known for his incredible knockout power. On top of that, his heart and willingness to exchange put him in some of the best MMA contests of the past decade.

Justin began his combat career in Wrestling, at just 4 years old. He became a four-time finalist and two-time state champion during his time as a high school wrestler.


After graduating high school, Gaethje would go on to become an NCAA Division I wrestler for the University of Nothern Colorado. He later became an “All-American Wrestler” for the university, and in 2020 was inducted into the University of Northern Colorado Athletics Hall of Fame for his achievements in the sport.

Justin Gaethje competing in the NCAA Wrestling Championships in 2009.

Nowadays Gaethje is better known as a calfkicker and a fierce striker – but this isn’t stopping him from getting rough and rowdy every so often.

Gaethje used his wrestling background to give one security guard a worthwhile lesson. In the video Gaethje can be seen tussling playfully with the guard on a sofa of a night club.

Gaethje is clad in a t shirt and shorts indicating less than formal attire. The guard starts off reaching for an improvised deep half guard of sorts with one arm reaching to grasp Gaethje’s thigh from below.

Gaethje is pinning the gentleman to the sofa and using his shoulder to smother the man and control his head. Here Gaethje is utilizing a wrestling maxim ‘where the head turns the body goes’ this is an easy way to control an opponent in a variety of settings.

It’s so convincing that the guard gives up on deep half guard and instead starts working side control type escapes, looking shrug off substantially smaller Gaethje.

Gaethje uses the momentum to snatch seat belt control and quickly seizes the back of the security guard. Due to size difference and awkward angle he falls off the security’s back and the two proceed to lock up standing.