(Video) Jon Jones reveals he opted to undergo second surgery for elbow

UFC heavyweight champion Jon Jones was to defend his title against Stipe Miocic at UFC 295 on Nov 11, 2023. However, he encountered an unforeseen setback before his scheduled defense. A torn pectoral muscle thwarted his plans and halted potential future title matches.

Jones recently took to social media to provide a detailed update on his ongoing recovery process. Sharing a video via Instagram, Jones revealed his current status and the additional procedures he’s undergone to expedite his return.

Addressing his followers, Jon Jones stated in his Instagram story, “Hey, hey, hey, what’s up, everybody? This is your friend and Heavyweight champion of the world, Jon ‘Bones’ Jones. Back out here in California. This time, instead of doing a pec repair, we are working on my left elbow. I’m actually about one hour off the table. We had a two-hour surgery, shaving down some bone spurs.”

Encouragingly, Jones projected a swift recovery. He estimates a 10-week healing period for his elbow.

Jones continued: “Good news is that it’s about a 10-week heal process, and I’m out for months anyway because of this pec surgery, so I just thought I’d kill two birds and get this elbow taken care of once and for all.”

He also expressed gratitude for the support and acknowledged the necessity of temporary setbacks to progress further.

Jones said: “I appreciate all the support. Your boy is back in the sling. Back on this recovery, still on this recovery journey. Sometimes you have to take a small step back in order to move forward, and I’m patient.”

Tom Aspinall recently won the UFC’s interim Heavyweight title. However, the promotion intends to reschedule the highly anticipated Jones vs. Miocic bout upon Jones’ full recovery by the latter part of 2024. Fortunately, Jones reassured fans that the additional surgery wouldn’t significantly extend his absence.