(Video) John Fury has a melt down flips tables, instigates trouble at KSI vs Tommy presser

An explosive press conference featuring Tommy Fury, KSI, Logan Paul, and Dillon Danis took an unexpected turn, lasting a mere 30 minutes before former bare-knuckle star John Fury dismantled the set.

The quartet, comprising both professional martial artists and influencers, struggled to maintain a coherent promotional discourse as they exchanged verbal jabs. However, it was a non-combatant member of Fury’s entourage who triggered an early cessation of the event.

The press conference was already marked by a sense of disarray when Paul, set to face Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt Danis on October 14, unveiled a massive birthday cake displaying an image of his opponent post-knockout. Meanwhile, Tommy Fury, set to confront KSI on ‘The Prime Card’ on the same night, maintained relative reticence, asserting his intent to terminate the YouTuber’s undefeated boxing career.

Around the 20-minute mark, chaos escalated as John Fury, father of WBC world heavyweight champion Tyson Fury, declared himself “a machine” to the crowd. He proceeded to ask if anyone would dare question his identity before toppling promotional materials and overturning tables on the stage.

KSI took offense at his table being upended and rose as if to challenge the elder Fury. In contrast, Paul stood atop his chair, vociferously endorsing the commotion.

Notably, ‘TNT’ (Tommy Fury’s nickname) maintained an air of composure amidst the chaos, seemingly accustomed to such incidents. The 9-0 fighter, renowned for ending Jake Paul’s unbeaten streak in their February encounter, smiled incredulously before engaging with KSI.

In a separate incident related to the event, Logan Paul claimed that Dillon Danis “locked himself” in his hotel room, refusing to appear for a scheduled face-to-face interview. The build-up to their impending fight on August 22 has been fraught with social media activity, including Danis posting numerous pictures of Logan’s fiancĂ©e with other men on Twitter.

During a live Instagram session, Logan Paul disclosed that Danis was sequestered in his hotel room and refusing to emerge. The lack of Danis’ presence during a set-up crew’s readiness emphasized his absence.

Subsequently, it was reported on social media that Danis did eventually appear, albeit 40 minutes after the scheduled time. Danis is yet to address his delayed arrival or clarify the reasons behind his absence.

As the tension continues to mount in the lead-up to these high-profile matches, the tumultuous press conference and Danis’ unanticipated behavior have only added to the intrigue surrounding the events.