(Video) Joe Rogan’s reaction to Leon Edwards surprise victory goes viral

Joe Rogan has long been a staple of UFC broadcasts. TV personality, comedian and podcast host has been with the UFC for 20 years. In the time since Rogan has dialed back his responsibilities and nowadays mostly comments only on stateside pay-per-view cards. Still, he’s one of the best in the business.

Joe Rogan started trending in fall out from UFC 278 in light of devastating knock out Leon Edwards pulled off leaving Kamaru Usman out cold.

“That was one of the most spectacular head-kick knockouts in the history of the sport — considering the stakes, considering the consequences,” Rogan said afterward on the pay-per-view broadcast. “I mean, it’s flawless – flawless technique. … The way he set it up with that left, Kamaru leaned to the right – perfect head kick, out cold.” – Joe Rogan said while watching the replay

“Nothing compares. It’s the greatest head-kick knockout in the history of the sport – with the most consequences, the most at stake, the most doubt, the most people counting him out, including us.”

Rogan was once again present in a white suit and tie which was very polarizing given how used to seeing him in a black shirt no tie we are.

Fans were quick to meme Rogan despite the fact he wasn’t interviewing Kamaru Usman who was given a ride to the hospital.

Of course the bout itself had some questionable moments – for one Edwards was penalized for grabbing the fence and Usman wasn’t.

Needless to say Edwards was thrilled with the victory and delivered one of all time favorite speeches in the cage after the fact.

Edwards was visibly emotional and shaken. In his speech after the win he stressed how inspirational his victory was.

“It’s been a long, long four years. You know, doubting myself I couldn’t do it. ”

“I’ve been down before, look at me now.”

“I thought it’s possible we can win about from the UK. I told you not to doubt it.”

” God is on my side. I said it all week. I felt like this is my moment. Everything happened in the past two years. The pandemic all of it. We’ll come back and do it. There is no ring rust, I told you that already. Now look at me now. Champion of the world. I was born in Jamaica with nothing. I lived in a wooden shed, in truth. Look at me now. ”

Usman posted a quick message on twitter to let everyone know he was fine.