(Video) Joe Rogan watched No Rules bareknuckle instead of UFC 289

In a surprising turn of events, renowned UFC commentator and podcaster Joe Rogan veered away from his usual UFC Pay-Per-View (PPV) assignments and delved into the world of an underground MMA/bare knuckle promotion called ‘No Rules’ during the UFC 289 event. Rogan, known for his insightful commentary and expertise in the sport, typically limits his involvement to UFC PPV cards held in the United States. However, his curiosity led him to explore this unconventional promotion.

‘No Rules’ is the brainchild of Robbie Brown, a 28-year-old professional mixed martial artist from Hartlepool, England. Brown, who holds a record of 1 win and 2 losses from competing in local UK promotions, has taken the initiative to organize bouts that defy the traditional rules and regulations of sanctioned events. These unique bouts take place in unconventional settings, often beneath a bridge, and are unofficially streamed on YouTube.

Joe Rogan, an avid user of social media, stumbled upon the ‘No Rules’ promotion while browsing Instagram and found himself captivated by the raw and unfiltered nature of the bouts. He even caught glimpses of their live events through the platform. Intrigued by what he witnessed, Rogan couldn’t resist engaging with the promotion’s head, Robbie Brown, via direct message (DM).

To Brown’s surprise, Rogan responded warmly, expressing his enjoyment of the wild and unorthodox bouts that ‘No Rules’ offers. Rogan admitted that he had only recently discovered this underground scene and had become hooked on the excitement it brings.

The rise of underground MMA promotions has been a growing trend, with more organizations popping up around the world. One notable example is a Thai club that gained viral attention last year for hosting a stunt blades bout, showcasing the extreme nature of these underground events.

However, it is crucial to address the potential risks and concerns associated with these unregulated events.

The infamous King of The Streets (KOTS) event in Sweden serves as a cautionary tale. During one incident, a participant brandished a firearm, sparking chaos both inside and outside the venue. The event’s unconventional settings, masked officers, and relaxed rules raised serious safety concerns, necessitating intervention from security personnel.