(Video) Joe Rogan left mouth agape during UFC 293 livestream when Strickland dropped Adesanya

During UFC 293 in Sydney, Australia, Joe RoganĀ  was left in a state of sheer astonishment as Sean Strickland delivered a knock down to Israel Adesanya.

While the round 1 unfolded in the land Down Under, Joe Rogan, known for his insightful commentary, chose an unconventional route. Instead of attending the event in person, he hosted a live watch-along on YouTube, offering fans his unique perspective from afar.

Rogan’s reaction was nothing short of jaw-dropping when Sean Strickland managed to score a heavy knockdown against the heavily favored Adesanya. As Strickland executed the move, Rogan, who was casually enjoying a cigar during the broadcast, erupted with an emphatic “Oh my God.” His reaction quickly went viral, capturing the essence of the shocking moment.

Strickland’s knockdown was followed by a flurry of ground strikes, further intensifying the disbelief in the air. Ultimately, Adesanya succumbed to a unanimous defeat at the hands of Strickland.

Reflecting on the unprecedented turn of events, Joe Rogan expressed, “I’m stunned. I think this is the most stunned I’ve ever been, surprised at a performance.” He compared the surprise factor to historic moments in MMA, such as Holly Holm’s victory over Ronda Rousey, emphasizing that Strickland’s performance was on an unexpected level.

Strickland himself, during his post-fight interview, echoed the sentiment of shock and disbelief, saying, “Am I dreaming, am I going to wake up? Somebody hit me. Never in a million years did I think I would be here.”

He continued by acknowledging Adesanya’s impressive record and the doubts he had about his own abilities. However, the unwavering support of the Australian fans served as a motivating force, propelling him to this extraordinary victory.

Rogan is a huge fan of Adesanya, so it’s no surprise he reacted this way. While he tries to remain objective, a while ago he showed his colors posting about Adesanya on the profile of his loveable Golden Retriever, Marshall Mae Rogan.