(Video) Joe Rogan laughs through an arm wrestling challenge match

UFC color commentator Joe Rogan visited his friends Bert Kreisher and Tom Segura recently at the YMH studios, where he received a peculiar challenge.
An employee of YMH studio named Enny challenged the veteran commentator to a contest in arm wrestling.

Enny was sure he could beat Joe Rogan in the arm wrestling match. Rogan accepted his challenge. The arm wrestling contest began at a table in the office. Enny was excited to provide real competition to Rogan as he shouted in excitement when Joe Rogan agreed to participate.

tried his best to win the competition but could not move Rogan’s arm even an inch. Rogan won the contest within seconds. Everybody present in the studio laughed at their colleague when Rogan won the competition. Nevertheless, it was a fun contest because, in reality, YMH Studio employee had no chance of winning against Rogan.

YMH studio posted the video on their official Twitter account. People provided some interesting reactions to the video.
One person said,

“dude! Rogies almost made Enny take his monthly dump right there in studio jeans. Hot sauce is still the best tho.”

Another Twitter user wowed with the laugh of Producer Nadav. He said,
“Im used to hearing a Nadav laugh but SEEING one is different. He cackles with his whole soul like a witch in front of a cauldron.”

“This is like a family party and someone challenged the buff uncle to a match age there is dad and the cousins watching and laughing. Awww Family jeans.”

Rogan might be short but his martial arts credentials are real. He won US Grand Open winner as well as a four-time Massachusetts full-contact Taekwondo champion. Rogan also has a black belt in jiu-jitsu.

Not to mention he’s been outspoken about being on TRT for years.

“the big results come from trt, so there’s that, and then there are peptides that increase your body’s ability to grow hormones like growth hormones and igf-1 and all… “there’s bpc-157, ipamorelin, thymosin… what these things do is they help your body produce the hormones that it should have when you’re younger, and your body works better.”

“regular exercise is the biggest thing. If there’s ever one thing that someone can do to stop aging is to lift weights and don’t stop.”

“don’t do it for vanity. Do it because you want to keep your tissue. Age is like a little demon that is slowly robbing you of your tissue. Your ability to walk upstairs, your ability to open up jars, your ability to open the car door when it’s frozen… the only way to stave that off is weight lifting.”