(Video) Joe Rogan gets confronted about heel hooking a deer in all time classic JRE moment

In a classic episode of the The Joe Rogan Experience the comedian and MMA aficionado shared a fascinating hunting tale with fellow comedian Joey Diaz. A regular on Rogan’s podcast and the host of ‘The Church of What’s Happening Now,’ Diaz is well-known for his quirky narratives.

During the podcast, Rogan recounted a curious incident from his Montana hunting expedition, where he made a remarkable claim about experimenting with jiu-jitsu moves on a deer. With conviction, he stated, “I’ve kimura-ed a deer’s leg and snapped it in half after it was already dead.” Intrigued by the resilience of the animal’s bones, Rogan pondered whether a jiu-jitsu move could have an impact. He even suggested the possibility of heel-hooking a deer, prompting a disbelieving response from Diaz:

“Have you lost your f**king mind? Heel-hook a deer. Yeah sure.”
Joey Diaz on JRE

Diaz’s incredulity was evident as he confronted Rogan about the audacious claim. Despite Diaz’s skepticism, Rogan held his ground, confidently asserting that he could effectively incapacitate a deer with a heel-hook from behind.

The interaction between Rogan and Diaz quickly gained traction on social media, with fans sharing their reactions to Rogan’s unorthodox assertion. Diaz, however, continued to play down Rogan’s statement, humorously suggesting that underestimating the animal might result in Rogan heading straight to the hospital.

Shifting focus, the podcast also explored Rogan’s instructional prowess, particularly in the realm of his iconic spinning kicks. In a separate segment, Rogan demonstrated and taught his signature kicks to former UFC champion George St-Pierre. The video showcased Rogan’s mastery, emphasizing precise execution and technique.

While Rogan’s hunting anecdotes often elicit a blend of shock and amusement, his bold claims regarding applying jiu-jitsu moves on a deer have ignited discussions and raised eyebrows within the MMA community. As enthusiasts eagerly anticipate Rogan’s upcoming podcasts, the lingering question remains whether this intriguing incident will be revisited or clarified in the future.