(Video) Japan featured the wildest pop MMA event of all time

Hilarious MMA match featured a match between two men wearing funny costumes. Famous mixed martial artist Mikuru Asakura was present and seemingly enjoyed the show.

Japan’s sense of humor is always on another level, especially when it comes to talent shows. Recently, they brought their humor into the world of mixed martial arts. They featured a guy wearing a hilarious alien costume, where the guy looked like he was abducted by the alien.

The alien guy is paired up with another guy wearing a polka dot outfit. The most notable thing about this guy is his absurdly shaved head. They were armed with boxing gloves and competed in the cage for real. There was also a referee in the cage to oversee the action.

Serious punches and kicks were thrown in the cage. Despite his absurd costume, the alien guy slightly dominated the action. He delivered vicious kicks and kept moving forward. Polka dot guy couldn’t do much except blocking and stepping back.

Due to the look of the costume, it looked like the “alien” was the one who threw the kicks. Making it an entertainment in itself. The bell finally rang, with both contestants still on their feet.

This hilarious MMA match is known as pop MMA. Pop-MMA is a mixed martial arts competition that involves non-professional or amateur athletes. The participants barely have any experience and proper training in mixed martial arts. They usually compete in a unique and ridiculous match.

This match was held by Japan based MMA promotion, Breaking Down. This promotion is co-promoted by Japanese featherweight champion Mikuru Asakura. Asakura can be seen sitting in the audience row enjoying the hilarious match.

The clip of the match was uploaded to social media. Several combat sports fans pretty much enjoyed the action, joking that it should be a Fight of The Year.

“Lol kicks from the guy would be so confusing.”

“2 against 1 isn’t fair.”

“It’s like the guy got his head shaved on top when he fell asleep at a party.”