(Video) Jake Paul admits Floyd Mayweather encounter was STAGED

Youtuber turned boxer Jake Paul admitted that his viral encounter with Floyd Mayweather was a skit. He even said that he had dinner with Mayweather afterwards.

Last month, Floyd Mayweather and Jake Paul made headlines after they had a run in in a public place. Outside of the Miami Heat game, Jake was confronted by Mayweather and a bunch of his friends, which was around 20 men.

They had a heated conversation before Jake felt threatened and ran away. The Mayweather gang chased him but ‘The Problem Child’ escaped. The entire incident was caught on video and went viral on social media.

That wasn’t the only time they had a run in as the two seemed like they always hated each other. In 2021, Jake had a heated confrontation that went viral after he grabbed Mayweather’s hat during a press conference for Logan Paul vs Mayweather. Mayweather also demanded Paul leave the UAE arena before he would agree to walk out for his boxing exhibition against KSI’s brother Deji earlier this year.

However, all of that turned out to be just a PR stunt. During his appearance on The W.A.D.E Concept, Jake admitted it to Wade Plem. Wade was pretty much shocked and was in disbelief as Jake casually explained it to him.

“Yeah, it was. I kind of wanted to talk about it. We were like, ‘Let’s set this up and make this go viral’. It went on every single news page and outlet. We got exactly what we wanted out of it.” Jake said.

Not just that, the 26-year-old went as far as to show a picture of him and Mayweather having dinner right after the altercation.

“Bro, I still have like three or four things to unload.” Jake said as he showed the pictures to Wade.

Jake revealing his altercation was a skit might be a bad decision. Some people already believe most celebrity altercations are PR stunts. But, with this, more people will think that any altercation involving Jake in the future is staged.