(Video) Jake Gyllenhaal copies McGregor’s billionaire strut

In a recent outing, renowned UFC personality Conor McGregor and Hollywood actor Jake Gyllenhaal were spotted indulging in some sneaker retail therapy. McGregor, known for his penchant for luxury, splurged a considerable sum of approximately $26,000 on multiple pairs of footwear.

McGregor, who recently ventured into Hollywood with his appearance in the remake of ‘Road House,’ alongside veteran actor Jake Gyllenhaal, secured a notable payday of approximately $5.5 million for his debut in the film industry.

Following the conclusion of his commitments to the movie, McGregor opted to enjoy a portion of his newfound earnings. Teaming up with Gyllenhaal, McGregor embarked on a sneaker-shopping excursion, a favored pastime for the duo.

Their camaraderie and rapport were evident in a trending video by Complex, showcasing their joint endeavor to select the perfect footwear. The interaction between McGregor and Gyllenhaal captivated fans, offering an entertaining glimpse into their friendship.

Surveying the array of options in the store, McGregor gravitated towards various Nike sneakers, including sought-after models such as Air Jordans and the collaborative Louis Vuitton edition of Nike Air Force 1. Ultimately, McGregor’s shopping spree culminated in the acquisition of 17 distinct pairs of iconic shoes, totaling an impressive $26,000 expenditure.

In stark contrast, Jake Gyllenhaal’s preference leaned towards simplicity, as the 43-year-old actor opted for a single pair of Nike Air Force 01 Low shoes, priced at a comparatively modest $1928. While still a notable investment, Gyllenhaal’s choice paled in comparison to McGregor’s lavish display of opulence.

With the premiere of ‘Road House’ marking a significant milestone, speculation arose among MMA enthusiasts regarding McGregor’s potential return to the octagon. While McGregor previously hinted at an imminent comeback, official confirmation remains pending.

UFC CEO Dana White shed light on McGregor’s current commitments, emphasizing his dedication to promoting the movie. Despite lingering anticipation for McGregor’s return to UFC action, White underscored the importance of fulfilling obligations to the film project.

As White articulated on the Pound-For-Pound podcast, McGregor’s involvement in promotional activities for ‘Road House’ necessitated his undivided attention, temporarily diverting focus from his UFC endeavors.

“While McGregor remains committed to his craft in the octagon, his current focus lies in honoring his commitments to the film industry. McGregor’s journey into Hollywood represents a new chapter in his illustrious career, one that demands dedication and perseverance,” White affirmed.